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Introducing, Closer

Artist Gayle Saunders finds beauty in details. Her new series, Closer, explores the intricate visual relationships found in exquisite flower arrangements and bouquets. Love unfolds as each image takes a deeper look at the nuances of each petal, bud, and dusting of pollen. Closer invites you to pause and appreciate life’s intimate details.

Closer Gallery

Inspired by love, intimacy, and deep connections, these works are an expression of the bond between people, both with each other and with nature. A uniquely bespoke keepsake, the artist works with New York Metro Area based florists and wedding planners to capture their client's bridal bouquets and transform them into everlasting works of art. Just as a relationship between two individuals blossoms and intensifies,  these works express the romantic notion of seeing deeply, representing the timelessness of love. Cast the joyful memories of celebration for any occasion into an eternal reminder in the form of art.

Saunders’ other series are produced in small limited editions – this  series can be exclusively created, completely customized and one-of-a-kind, unique to each client, created to capture their memories, their moment. To give the gift of meaningful presence, passion, and discovery, contact the artist at gaylesaunders.com/contact to capture your story.

Closer Gallery

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