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Gayle Saunders is a native New Yorker.  Her photo-based art works are an exciting new direction for her and a departure from her previous work which has been exhibited worldwide and is represented in books and several important museum collections, including the BMFA in Boston, the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and the MAD museum in NYC, the Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin, as well as many private collections.  Saunders has received numerous awards and grants including a New York Foundation for the Arts grant (NYFA) and two National Endowment for the Arts grants (NEA).



In the tradition of still life photography, where a picture is made, rather than taken, I create and photograph flower arrangements in my studio. I play with refracted light and shadows, which creates unexpected surprises. When I remain entirely focused, balancing intuition and intellect, composition and chance, I am able to apprehend a moment. The invisible becomes visible. Colors bleed, shadows stretch, everything is in soft focus. I am not interested in a “good” picture in the photographic sense. Some images become almost like smudge drawings, or watercolors. By printing on thin Japanese kozo and then infusing it with encaustic wax, I can further exploit these qualities and create artworks that are translucent, luminous light gatherers - vehicles of ephemera. 

As the images move toward abstraction, I hope to spark recognition, but also to demand pause for contemplation of the mysterious, living, breathing universe that we are part of. Full of movement and moments of discovery, I'm after an image that is anything but still.  


About the Work:

All images are printed with archival pigments on archival paper. Select images are printed on heavyweight Fine Art paper. Others are printed on thin Japanese kozo paper and saturated with encaustic wax, rendering them translucent. For specific information about sizes, editions, prices and availability, please contact me. Thank you!